Responsibilities of gas consumers and relevant organizations

In the "Regulations for the use of natural gas" approved by the decision No. 80 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 12.05.2011, the authorized representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the gas distributor (gas exploitation enterprises), consumers using gas, housing duties of owners and organizations managing residential buildings are reflected. According to those rules, authorized representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan inform the consumer 5 working days in advance to ensure the efficient use of gas, the safe and reliable operation of domestic gas installations, and to conduct a technical inspection of those installations, chimneys and the gas distribution network no less than once every six months. must provide. The Republic of Azerbaijan should draw up an act consisting of 2 copies of the technical review conducted by the authorized representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Energy and submit one copy of the act to the consumer.

At the same time, the Gas distributor must prevent accidents in the network and eliminate their consequences. If there is a need to stop gas supply due to repairs and other technical issues, consumers are informed about this through mass information and housing service areas. Consumers are responsible for the operation and maintenance of gas installations in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Gas Supply".


Heads of the population, departments, enterprises and organizations that use natural gas


Safety Rules must be strictly observed when using natural gas in residential houses, public buildings, education, healthcare, and other offices and institutions.




- When entering the apartment, do not use an open fire or electrical network until you have determined that there is no gas leak

- Be sure to change the air in the room before using gas appliances, turn on the appliance only after making sure that there is no smell of gas.

- When using gas appliances, open the gas tap after bringing the fire close to the firebox

- Do not leave gas appliances unattended. Do not allow young children, mentally ill people, people who are not able to use gas to use gas appliances.

- After using the gas appliances, close the operating tap on the appliance.

- When you smell gas, immediately close all taps, do not connect electrical devices to the network, do not disconnect working devices from the network, do not turn on and off the light and change the air in the apartment and contact the gas-accident service by phone 104.

- When leaving the house or apartment for a long time, as well as before going to bed at night, close the gas appliances and control taps.

- In the event of a fire, immediately close the inlet tap (valve) on the gas line to the apartment or house, call the fire protection service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by phone number 101, and the gas-accident service by phone number 104.

- Do not allow work that may interfere with preventive maintenance of internal gas pipelines and gas appliances.

- Smoke ducts (chimneys) of gas stoves and water heaters, ventilation ducts (ventilation paths) of kitchens and bathrooms should be cleaned, repaired and periodically checked by the owners of buildings and private houses before the beginning of the winter season.

- Persons responsible for the use of natural gas should be appointed in public buildings, education, healthcare, other offices and institutions. Responsible persons must be appointed by the order of the head of the enterprise and must pass an examination in accordance with the "Rules of safety in the gas industry".




- Unauthorized laying of gas lines, replacement of gas devices, repair and installation of additional gas devices.

- Drying clothes or other flammable items on gas appliances.

- Placement and storage of flammable goods and materials in rooms with gas appliances.



Do not forget that by following the rules of gas use, you will protect yourself and the lives of others from unwanted accidents that may occur with natural gas!