Carrying out installation of gas devices, relocation, replacement and repair of gas devices and shut-off valves, as well as drawing gas lines to devices through non-metallic pipes inside the building;

To change the structure (plan) of the place where the gas installation is installed without the appropriate agreement;

Making changes to the structure (construction) of gas installations, changing the structure of smoke chimneys and air exchange lines, closing air exchange lines, knitting or closing "pockets" intended for cleaning smoke chimneys;

Abolish automated safety and regulatory devices in gas installations, use gas from faulty gas equipment, especially when gas leaks are detected;

Arbitrarily install additional dampers (covers) on smoke chimneys and smoke transmission lines of dehumidifiers;

Using gas without conducting further inspections and cleaning of smoke and ventilation lines at least once a year;

To use gas devices in those rooms when the vents, grilles, grilles of air exchange lines are kept closed, if air is not blown in the chimneys and air exchange lines, if there are no holes under the doors of the bathrooms;

Leaving working gas devices unattended (except for devices designed for permanent operation and equipped with appropriate automation);

Using gas and gas devices for purposes that do not correspond to their intended purpose and gas plates for heating the living space;

Using an open flame to detect a gas leak;

Using non-certified gas installations in accordance with legislation;

Drying clothes or other flammable items on gas appliances;

Placing and storing flammable goods and materials in rooms with gas appliances.



Do not forget that by following the rules of gas use, you will protect yourself and the lives of others from unwanted accidents that may occur with natural gas!