1. Removal of gas meters.


1.1 The meters installed in the apartments of residential subscribers can be removed from the gas line in the following cases:

- When the counter mechanism of the meter, seals of the counter mechanism and its connections are tampered with, to be sent for extraordinary State inspection;

- When the meter does not work properly (gas does not pass through the meter, does not record low consumption, when the calculation mechanism stops, the electronic part does not work, when certain sounds are heard in the working state) to be sent for extraordinary State inspection;

- When the meters installed inside the apartment or in the yards are removed;

- When the meters are replaced with new modern type meters;

- If the meter does not correspond to the actual consumption;

- When the next State inspection of the meter is due;

-When a leak is detected in the meter joint.

1.2 During the on-site inspection of gas meters, if cases of illegal use of natural gas are detected (when the meter, the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patent, or the seal inserted into the threaded joint of the meter is tampered with), the gas supply is immediately stopped. Gas supply will be restored after the circumstances that caused the suspension of gas supply have been eliminated by the consumer.

1.3 The next State inspection of gas meters is ensured by the relevant structural divisions of Azerigas PU. At the request of the consumer or in cases of intervention, the consumer must pay for the State inspection of the gas meter.

1.4 Any malfunction, leakage, etc. in the normal operation of the gas meter during non-working hours. The information entered into the relevant structural units of Azerigaz PU is registered and immediately investigated on the spot. If it is necessary to break the seal or change the meter, the gas supply is stopped and appropriate measures are taken during the next working day.

1.5 A gas meter that becomes unusable as a result of any natural disaster is replaced by the relevant structural divisions of Azerigas PU.


2. Registration and documentation of meters brought to state inspection.


2.1 Meters are brought to the "Information Technologies and Communications Department" within 10 working days (5 working days for Baku, Sumgait, Absheron) after being disconnected from the line.

2.2 If the reading of the meter brought to the state inspection and the number of seals during acceptance do not correspond to the numbers shown in the list, a special registration is made and the "Information Technologies and Communications Department" informs the "Azerigas" Production Union.

2.3 At the request of the consumer, participation in all stages of checking the meter opened over the gas line, as well as in the test facility, is ensured.

2.4 It is ensured that the meters are submitted to the "Information Technologies and Communications Department" and handed over to the representative of "Azerigas" Production Union no later than 10 working days after State inspection.

2.5 Acts (notices and opinions) are drawn up with the participation of the representative of Azerigas PU to the meters that were considered unusable (the fact of tampering was not detected) and the fact of tampering was detected or did not register the report, by the Information Technologies and Communications Department within 7 working days. (after receiving the meters) is submitted to "Azerigas" Production Union (Appendix 6 and Appendix 7).

2.6 Official information is presented to the consumer for the purpose of taking appropriate measures of acts (notifications and opinions), restoring the meter and paying for the damage.

2.7 The subscriber must provide compensation for the damage caused by the meter that has been tampered with or is out of order as a result of his fault. That is, the cost of the meter (including all expenses) must be paid to the account of "Azerigas" Production Union.

2.8 If the subscriber does not pay the damage to the account of "Azerigas" Production Union, "AKT" No. "On removal, installation and commissioning of the gas meter" is drawn up, the installed meter is removed and the gas supply of that apartment is stopped accordingly.