For this, subscribers must follow the instructions in sequence.


1. When the smart type meter enters the code, first the card is inserted into the meter entered into the code. At this time, the information on the meter screen is automatically transferred to the subscriber's card memory, and after two beeps, the card is removed from the meter.

2. A minimum amount of 1 AZN or more is paid to the balance of the card at any payment point.

3. After the payment is made, the gas devices in the subscriber's apartment must be kept closed in order to conduct a leak test in accordance with safety requirements.

4. The card is inserted into the counter to make a payment, and after two beeps, the card is removed from the counter.

5. The blue button on the meter (open the valve) is kept pressed for 5 seconds. At this time, the meter automatically starts counting down from 190 seconds. After the specified period expires, the meter exits the code and the supply of natural gas is restored.